Tuesday, March 22, 2005

2527 1/2 S. Orange Dr. to-day

Apologies for failing to get a proper shot of the tastefully furnished apartment where Wiggins
opened up on teen wifey with his .38; you can see the window peeking out at the far left. Mrs. Blattenberg is long gone -- locals eyed me suspiciously as I snapped from my idling vehicle. Their nods and glances indicated that they were intending to question me intimately as to my purpose, so I waved like Roosevelt and ambled away.

Another shingled Craftsman home sprayed with pink stucco, its double-hung windows replaced with aluminum sliders. Purty gate, too. Special level of hell for all of them.


Mack said...

So Nathan:

You might be interested to read (and perhaps comment upon) the little fracas over at Martini Republic that has flared up regarding your blog, here.

Nathan said...

Thanks for the tip, Mack. Funny stuff over there at MR. Haven't figured if they're disingenuous or merely myopic. Having come from the drinking class, I expected better of my people.

I mean, they think we're pining for a White America? Have these people ever been to Anaheim? Did they see what those honkies did to all the Googie signage?!

Whitey, indeed.

Mack said...

As near as I can tell, the critical ethic there is to behave as if you're a mean drunk and disagree with people as if you're spoiling for a fight. Viz Alex's response this morning to your reply to the various accusations.