Friday, April 29, 2005

1515 Courtney To-day

In the epic struggle between ex-jockeys and war widows, my money’s on the dame every time.

Here we see the moll buzzard-prone driveway that gave Ginerva the willies. And rightfully so. Hollywood is lousy with the also-rans.

And now, with Hollywood Park being demolished – the beautiful 1938 racetrack in Inglewood, child of Jack Warner – LA will be flooded with out-of-work jockeys, attacking war widows like so many flesh-eating zombies.

One hundred acres of Hollywood Park has already been subdivided into gated communities. And yes, they’re building the Wal-Mart. The other 140 acres will be ten-story parking garages and sprawl-malls and endless Tuskan Townehomes. The people of Inglewood sure know what’s good for them.

How many more have to die?

Ladies, get your guns.

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