Sunday, June 26, 2005

6313 Hollywood Blvd. To-day

You know him as ol’ Buck House Schindler. Kings Road Schindler. Maybe even Tischler Schindler. But not Sex Shoppe Schindler.

Sardi’s was one sexy restaurant once all right, with an attached pharmacy (note the neon that reads "prescriptions" in the window) should you need to pick up some antacid after a particularly heavy lunch. Not that antacid works to combat butterfingered acid-toting stock clerks.

Of course now, should you venture into the distrubingly named Cave, you risk being splashed with far worse.

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Signed D.C. said...

Hi Kim--it's Deena. Just catching up with some old 1947project posts--haven't visited in a couple of weeks.

In case you weren't aware (though I'm sure you are)--according to Art Fein's guidebook, The Cave was once the Haunted House club, of "The Girl in Gold Boots," "It's a Bikini World," and "that newsreel with Sonny and Cher which used to be frequently shown on AMC" fame.