Saturday, June 18, 2005

Iola Then & Now

So ol’ Lester (nix with the rhyming gag, I get it) snowed the Pizzuti in an effort to snag the fair Angelina. Well, good for him. Ageism is one of the last bastions of intolerance to be toppled in America. Or at least that’s what I’ll tell the judge.

Their love-digs on Iola have vanished in toto:

In 1947, homes and neighborhoods were being bulldozed left and right for freeways. Today, they fall to schools and apartment complexes. 1960, though, was a swinging year in need of a golf course; hence the Whittier Narrows GC, designed renowned and unbelievably prolific California golf course designer William Bell. To be fair, Iola is now the site of the Recreation Area to the south, which is full of artificial lakes and trap ranges and terrifying inline skaters. The whole works pre-Iola was the Rancho Potrero Chico (which had previously been the Gabrielino village of Ouiichinga). RPC was owned by Juan Sanchez, whose 1845 adobe still stands a mile to the southwest. It was built with and still maintains an escape tunnel in case the house is attacked by Indians or, presumably, inline skaters.

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