Monday, June 06, 2005

Temple of Doom

God help us should Huelsman have bred. If he did have a children, then a pox upon their houses. Hopefully Judge Wolford imposed some arcane eugenics law, justly used to weed defectives like Manir from what’s left of our civilization.

Huelsman’s house, and Mrs. Eastin’s just around the corner on Encinita:

The tar pit was likely adjacent Rio Hondo Wash, now site of the Arcadia Par-3 Golf Course. Or it could have been about here, at Tyler and West Hondo Parkway:

Doubly disturbing is the distance between the two points – three and a half miles of lo-speed driving. Huelsman motoring along, the dog on the seat next to him…did he talk to it? Did it whimper? Did it lick him? Hell, he may have even walked it there.

Obviously documenting this post was a difficult task. Luckily, driving down Encinita I could take some small solace in Quonset huts and a ’49 Ford.

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Larry said...

Man Convicted
of Dog Atrocity

Manir Huelman, 37, a railroad
worker, pleaded guilty yester-
day to throwing a live dog in a
tar pit last May 31. He was or-
dered to pay a fine of $100 ($946.42 USD 2005) in
Judge Eldred Wolford's El Monte
Justice Court, was sentenced to
five days in County Jail, and
placed on probation for one year.

Source: Los Angeles Times, July 4, 1947; inflation calculator