Wednesday, July 06, 2005

571 South Coronado To-day

We didn't live then. Absurd to conjecture ‘bout "then and there." One thing I do know, we’d all be god-damned should we abuse a crow.

(That’s not a raven, and not a mynah.)

People ask me all the time, hey, you got a time machine, you gonna kill Hitler?

Fat chance.

Look out, crow abusers. Death like manna.

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Kim said...

I dunno about 1947, but when I was in LA in the 70s and through the mid-80s, we didn't have giant ravens in every other tree, fighting with the mockingbirds over egg-stealing and worse. I was a Poe-freak; believe me, I would have noticed. Where and when did these ginormous black birds come into the picture, and what did they push out? I go away until '94 and come back to a completely different avian ecosystem.

Fun fact: it's good luck to see even numbers of the ravens, bad luck to see odd.