Friday, September 23, 2005

Dahlia Case Solved!

The Spreckles House of Crazy Times:

And the Connor residence, where the Crazy Times come and inundate like so much floodwater.

Note the map of the area. Looks like, well, the area where one encounters the female pudenda, wouldn’t you say?

Which bears a striking topographical similarity to this area --

conclusively proving that poker-wielding wife beater John D. Spreckles III was the Dahlia killer!

(The street layout also resembles a candelabra, which further serves to implicate Spreckles as a Hebrew. With Yom Kippur just days away, Spreckles was obviously making certain he had plenty to atone for.)


Kim said...

Wait a minute... Grayburn? GENE RAYBURN did it!

Nathan said...

And it's just above Santa Barbara Avenue. St. Barbara, of course, is the patron saint of violent death. AND it was renamed Martin Luther King...who died a violent death! This thing goes all the way up to the top!