Wednesday, December 14, 2005

3224 Garden Ave., To-day

The house to which she vainly attempted to walk:

And the road she walked down:

The streetcar mentioned in the story was probably on Fletcher. A road near a streetcar, that's good. A road with hidden brain-beating, cranium-crushing madmen lurking in the shadows, not so good.

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Larry said...

Consulting out my handy 1946 Los Angeles Transit Lines map (thank you, EBay), it looks like Evelyn caught the Red Car that originated at the Subway Terminal Building, emerged at the famous tunnel/graffiti gallery, went down the middle of Glendale Boulevard, jogged east on Allesandro Street, then northwest through a Pacific Electric right of way until it crossed Fletcher. It continued on a right of way until it rejoined Glendale Boulevard just east of the Los Angeles River and terminated at San Fernando Road.

Bonus factoid: The 5 car ran the longest trolley route, originating at Hawthorne Avenue and Broadway in Hawthorne and ending at Colorado Boulevard and Townsend in Eagle Rock, about 23 miles (thank you,