Sunday, December 04, 2005

412 W. 68th To-day

Seems like just a few days ago there was some attempted matricide up on 46th. ‘Course, that was a middle-aged shmoe wielding a washboard. Here we’ve got a juvie shooting his mother in the back. And to think, in just a year and a few days, Burbank’s own Every Mother’s Son, Edmund Kemper, will be born.

So I set out to see where Mark, this budding Nero, grew up.

But here, in 1947, in what was known as Los Angeles Judicial Township, a stone’s throw from the Goodyear Rubber Plant, there was no “South Flower” or “South Grand.” Just a stretch of homes from Figueroa to Broadway:

And that, children, explains where 412 W. 68th Street went--that's 428 in the picture, and as far as the addresses go.

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