Sunday, December 25, 2005

My First Xmas Gift

Drunk on Christmas is a holy tradition. Like drunk on Easter. Or Lincoln's Birthday.

Another Christmas tradition? Sleeping in the garage. Hearing your children's bones crackle like yule logs.

And so on. I was bitterly (if not a little blithely, I'll admit) considering my blogging options for this day while out in Santa Monica preparing to shoot the former location of Axley Manor, when I came across this 75¢ photo in a pile of crap in a junk store.

Santa, you magnificent bastard, you read my wish list.


Larry said...

Nathan, you are the bomb. Now tell us exactly where that is on "Santa Claus Lane," pls. Those radio antennas on the right should make it easy but I can't say I recognize them. And that car on the left--why it looks like a PACKARD! Also note the streetcar tracks.

And where are the shoppers?

Nathan said...

Yes, that was me shopping on Christmas day. And I scared off everyone, apparently, being the bomb and all, and people were justifiably terrified of the bomb.

We're looking west here from about Hwood and Ivar; that's Parkinson's Security Bank Bldng on the right and the towers beyond are Landsburgh's Warner theatre towers, which now read "Pacific" (but if you look closely on the inside of the towers, you can read "Warner" backwards). And I believe that's Walker & Eisen's Regal Shoes bldng of 1939 on the far right.

Scott said...

No Red Cars in the picture, but you can clearly see the trolley tracks and overhead catenary wire right down the middle of the Boulevard. The place where mass transit belongs: rolling proud, right at the center of it all. Thank Tom Bradley we now have a subway under the street in the very same location.