Monday, January 23, 2006

7026 Flora Avenue To-day

Oakvid feared his child was not sane. Sometimes we see too much of ourselves in our children.

Theodore Oakvid and his little Sophy:

Apparently Theo was under the thrall of Social Darwinism, but took it a little too far. Contemporary accounts note “the patient asserted he sincerely believed that only the fit should live and that his daughter was among those unfit.”

Those who take their Herbert Spencer way too seriously end up in San Bernadino: the Patton State Hospital.

At some point the beautiful 1925 Bell High School enlarged itself to the south and a playing field ate up the east side of Flora.

But the field didn’t stretch all the way down to Florence Avenue, leaving this little house intact. Imagine a collection of these running up the street.

Or perhaps the Oakvid residence looked something like its one-time ‘cross the street neighbor.

Newspaper accounts place Mrs. Florence Oakvid as outside milking the cow during the time of Theodore's murderous attack. Not so many cows in the hood today.

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