Monday, January 02, 2006

9039 Sunset To-day

In USD2005 buying power, that West Hollywood establishment took in nigh on eighteen grand. That’s because all their bands have foxy guys. If they don’t have foxy guys, they don’t get on the stage! Or so said Bill Gazarri of 9039's booking policies when they were under his stead in the early 80s.

The 1947 nightspot-come-Gazarri's 60s jazz & go-go club-turned-hairmetal mecca has been gutted and is now this.

That Eleanor. She utilized the sit-down strike as a fundamental element in her program of passive nonviolent resistance. Plus it kept her from getting replaced by a scab. The screeching though, I don’t know. You didn’t hear that from Gandhi or on board the Exodus 1947.

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