Thursday, March 31, 2005

Alleged Bandit Wounded in Trap Set By Police

March 31, 1947
Los Angeles

The third robbery was the charm today for Sid Greenberg's liquor store at 504 S. Hill. After two recent gunpoint withdrawals, officers William M. Tamanovitch and Clarence L. Eads agreed to hang around the back room and await further developments. Sure enough, a suspect strolled in, brandished iron, and forced Greenberg and clerk Milt Katz into the back. That's where he ran into the officers, who came out firing. The would-be crook was transported to General Hospital in extremely poor condition, where he received the last rites. Officers noted that in addition to a realistic-looking plastic pistol, the robber had a paper bag, which might tie him to the recent spate of crimes attributed to "The Paper Bag Robber."


Jon said...

Interesting blog. I've bookmarked it.

Mark G said...

Your blog is a fantastic find for those of us fascinated by L.A.'s noir history. And what a surprise in reading this story to realize that I know one of the parties involved! Officer William M. Tamanovitch, by then retired, served on the Planning Commission for the City of Alhambra when I worked there from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. Keep up the great work!