Saturday, March 19, 2005

Woman Faces Stabbing Death Trial After Inquest

March 19, 1947
Los Angeles

Ruth "Sunny" McKenzie today was formally charged in the stabbing death of fiance Jack Floyd, and Torrance Police Captain E. M. Ashton provided a Coronor's jury with additional details of the attack. He stated that, according to Miss McKenzie, the pair had just enjoyed a private dinner in her apartment, and were discussing their nuptials, planned for April 13.

"Just think, baby, in another month I'll be a hanged man," whispered the victim.

"No you won't," replied Sunny, "You'll be a stabbed man." She told Ashton that she meant to suggest her beloved would be pierced with arrows of love, but as it happens, she had a knife in her hand at the time.

McKenzie, who declined to testify, also told Aston that with his last breath, Jack Floyd had assured her that he still loved her.

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