Sunday, February 26, 2006

Phoney Baloney!

February 26, 1947
Seattle, WA

Remember Eugene White, the businessman who disappeared on Valentine's Eve, leaving his coat, wallet, bloodstained car and gifts for the Missus? Police speculated he'd been robbed, beaten and tossed into a passing freight car, but it turns out he's fine and well, and camped out with a pal in Seattle. It was the wife of that friend, Jay Stevens, who convinced White to phone his worried wife. She called the cops.

White explained that he was feeling overwhelmed after years of working 14 hour days, and so faked his own disappearance. "I felt I couldn't go on. I wanted to go to sea or work in a lumber camp." So he cut his hand with a razor and stage set his own abduction.

A shocked Mrs. White told reporters that if Eugene didn't come home, she guessed she'd take the kids and go home to mama in Michigan. Then she asked to be left alone to figure things out.


HP said...

So, what was the blood found in his car? Animal blood? Stage blood? His own blood, from a superficial, self-inflicted wound?

If it was unnacounted-for human blood, then there seems to be a glaring hole in his story.

Kim said...

From the post: "So he cut his hand with a razor and stage set his own abduction."

So embarrassing for the wife. Might've been better had he just disappeared.

joe d said...

Kim, thanks for the follow up. I was actually worried for that schmuck back there in 1947 land.

HP said...

Blurgh! My stupid fat eyes.... I read it through three times and somehow missed that.

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