Friday, February 03, 2006

Who Killed Elizabeth Short?

February 3, 1947
Los Angeles

More than two weeks after the body of Elizabeth Short, 22, a Massachusetts-born transient, was discovered cut into two halves in the weeds in a Leimert Park lot, homicide detectives continued beating the pavement seeking clues to the baffling and gruesome crime.

On the town's west side, a search was on for a young blond man seen driving an unlicensed coupe with a stained blanket on the passenger seat, as well as for another vehicle possibly seen pulling away from the Norton Avenue crime scene.

Acting on reports that the victim had used candle wax to fill untreated dental cavities, and noting the presence of two votive candles in her checked luggage, detectives inquired with the bathroom attendant at the Biltmore to discover if anyone had seen Short tending to her teeth there on January 9. No one had.

Most pressing was the need to find the murder site, which was perhaps a private home located some distance from its neighbors... or maybe a trailer, one of hundreds being used as homes in the overpopulated city. And if it was a trailer, what's to say the fiend hadn't already moved away in it, taking the evidence and his wickedness far from the men of law who seek him?

Two questions remain in the forefront of every L.A. cop's mind, and those of the citizenry: who killed Elizabeth Short, and would he strike again?

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