Saturday, February 04, 2006

Culver City Copy Cat

February 4, 1947
Culver City

Miss Isabel Foster feels lucky to be alive tonight after being accosted by a man in a 1940 sedan while she was waiting for a bus at West Adams and Redondo Blvd. He asked if she needed a ride, and when she demurred showed a butcher knife and demanded she climb into the passenger seat. Terrified, she complied.

"Where'dya live?"
"3-3-3-3895 M-m-m-main Street."
"Stop blubbering!"
"I... can't..."
"Shut up, or I'll give you what I gave the Black Dahlia!" And with that he cut her across the knuckles. The man drove closer to Isabel's home. When they were a block away, she opened the passenger door and ran.

Her attacker is described as, slim, dark skinned, late 20s, about 5'8", wearing dark work clothes and a "ridiculous" stocking cap.

And in mid-city Hermenegildo G. Robles Jr., 25, shot his estranged, pregnant wife Guillermina in her mother's house, goes to church and inflicted on non-fatal wound on himself.

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