Saturday, December 10, 2005

Child's Play

December 10, 1947

Two baby cousins, each 14 months old, were playing together in the kitchen of the Joseph and Mary Diaz home at 3139 Alameda Street while the adults kibbitzed in the living room. Suddenly a child's scream shattered the peace of the evening. The Diazes rushed into the kitchen to find their son Joseph Junior bleeding profusely from his head, as cousin Alice Vasquez sat spellbound, a pancake turner clutched in one fat fist. The families raced to Pasadena Emergency Hospital, where Joseph died a few hours later.

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Larry said...

‘Taxi Army’ Saves Tel Aviv in Arab Invasion
Panic Grips Hebrew City
as Moslem Spearhead
Knifes Into Border Area

JERUSALEM, Dec. 8. (AP) Taxi-borne Jewish volunteers beat off a two-hour attack by Arab machine-gunners and grenadiers in Tel Aviv tonight and then took the offensive in the fiercest battle since the United Nations voted to partition Palestine.

For a time as the spearhead of Arab fighters knifed into the Hatikva sector of the all-Jewish city, wild panic gripped Tel Aviv and its residents fled from their houses in blind confusion.

Hundreds of Jews in the city responded to the cries of motorcycle couriers who raced through the streets shouting “Hatikva is in danger. Send help.” One courier halted a motion picture performance with his alarm and sent hundreds of persons in the audience hurrying to the embattled quarter.

Volunteers and fighting squads of Haganah, the Jewish defense army, commandeered taxicabs and sped to Hatikva in time to beat off the furiously fighting Arabs, who drove a wedge into the quarter from the border zone which separates Tel Aviv from the all-Arab city of Jaffa.

Eyewitnesses said that as Hatikva residents fled in wild confusion the Arabs began tossing bombs into houses.

Quote of the day: “Dream Dress to dance into 1948—Young sorceress of the wand-waist, bouffant skirt school, whirls through the holidays in the luminous splendor of rayon taffeta, roman-striped from deep purple to pale gold. And for a fillip of jeune fille elegance, mantilla with a pleated edge, in plain contrasting color!”
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