Sunday, December 04, 2005

No Impulse Control

December 4, 1947
Los Angeles

Mark Lima, 16, could hardly dispute mother Estelle's opinion that he was a lousy student: his latest report card showed failing grades in spelling and in math. But why did she have to harp at him like that, first about school, then about leaving a door open?

Barely thinking, he loaded the .22 rifle his father Alfred, a Tijuana chemist, had given him when he turned 14 and he shot Estelle once in the back. Then, horrified, he called the ambulance to their little home at 412 1/2 W. 68th Street.

Even in her agonies, Estelle, 41, sought to protect her son, "Don't hurt Mark... he's a good boy!" Her condition is critical, and Mark is in juvenile custody.

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Youth Held on Open Charge
in Gunshot Death of Friend

Facing a possible accusation of involuntary manslaughter, Jack L. Modisett, 17, of 1717 N. Avenue 53, was removed to Ventura on an open charge yesterday after a coroner’s jury inquest into the death of Julius Lubowitzky, 22, of 2423 Malabar St., the victim of a mock war.

Lubowitzky died at the White Memorial Hospital here on Nov. 30 from a gunshot wound received earlier that day when he and Modisett, companions on a hunting trip, sought to see how close they could fire at each other without scoring hits.

Harold E. Stone, 18, of 928 El Paso Drive, a third member of the hunting party, was the chief witness. He related that Lubowitzky and Modisett began shooting at each other when they tired of hunting squirrels and rabbits. In the midst of the mimic fight, Lubowitzky fell, wounded.

Modisett did not testify. His father, Clarence, and mother, Evelyn, who were present at the inquest, are deaf-mutes. Lubowitzky’s father, Meyer, on the verge of a collapse, established his son’s identity. The Stone youth was released after the inquest.

+ + +

Legal troubles weren’t over for Jack Modisett. In 1950, he was charged with beating an off-duty police officer who was trying to arrest at drunk in a Highland Park cafe.

In 1951, he and his pal Harold Stone were in jail on charges of committing four robberies.

After that, we just don’t know. He died Jan. 26, 1989.

Quote of the day: “I still believe the man wears the pants in the family and what I say goes for the whole family.”
Humphrey Bogart, when asked if his denial of being a Communist included the views of his wife, Lauren Bacall.