Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 1947, and Hello... 1947?

Gentle reader,

We thank you for coming along on our nine month's voyage into old Los Angeles, city of vice and foolishness, of sunlight and deep shadow.

Many of you have asked "What's next after December 31?" The real question should be "What about March 13th?" You see, we somewhat arbitrarily began our blog adventure in March 2005/1947, and the plan was always to loop around at year's end and finish out the 1947 calendar year.

So tomorrow, you'll find us having super-charged our time traveling, rewinding further still to January 1947. Elizabeth Short, who will soon become more famous than she ever dreamed, welcomes the new year in San Diego, thinking idly of finding a ride back to L.A. W.C. Fields awaits burial after his sad Christmas death from a stomach hemorrhage. It's 1947 all over again. Anything can happen.

Stay tuned for buttermilk skies and much more strangeness between now and March 12, and on March 13 an announcement of what fresh form 1947project will take.

Kim and Nathan
(and Larry, too--hey, you read the comments, right?)


8763 Wonderland said...

Whoa! The 47project officially ends on my birthday.

Kim said...

Ha ha, and don't kid yourself that it's just a "coincidence," either!