Sunday, January 15, 2006

Come Ride the Crime Bus - SRO!

NEWSFLASH FRIDAY 1/13 9am: We have 2 last minute openings on the Sunday 1/15 Crime Bus. These are only available to on a first come first served basis to someone who checks their email frequently and can make immediate payment by paypal ($49.74) if told that the seats are being held for them today. Preference will be given to people who want both tickets as opposed to a single. Is this you? If so, email promptly, and await further instructions.
We now sold out for both days of January's 1947project Crime Bus tour, but if you'd like to be on a future tour, please sign up for our mailing list.

On the Crime Bus, each $24 ticket entitles you to a guided 5-hour bus tour through fascinating and forgotten Los Angeles crime, social and architectural history-- including a thorough debunking of the Black Dahlia myth machine courtesy of BD researcher Larry Harnisch-- on the weekend of the 59th anniversary of Elizabeth Short's murder. You'll also get a CD of a rare 1950 Black Dahlia radio play, and a chance to connect with fellow LA history fiends.


Roger Alford said...

In the Pacific Drift podcast this week, Rob Thomas mentions an LAPD police captain who was indicted for murder, having killed an informant who was trying to expose corruption in the LAPD. What was the name of the police captain? I'd like to read more about this event.

Larry said...

This is, of course, the famous Harry Raymond bombing. The man in question was Earl E. Kynette, a former acting LAPD captain of the police intelligence unit, who was indicted in the Jan. 14, 1938, bombing.

Unfortunately, the site on the Eastside was eliminated from the crime bus (so many crime scenes, so little time), but with luck it will be included on a tour of the Eastside and San Gabriel Valley (think Sirhan Sirhan's house in Pasadena. Who knew?)

For further reading, I would recommend Proquest, the online, searchable archives of the Los Angeles Times going back to the 1880s.

Roger Alford said...

Thanks, Larry! I knew you would have the answer.

metrohop said...

I understand that this tour may well be sold. My friend, Ilka P., made me aware of this event. And a former acquaintance, Mr. J. Gilmore, provided me with a wealth of information that was that same, long-ago year, put into a book. I also happened to live round the corner from the hotel where the murderer of Elizabeth Short was himself killed by the same hand, and I have some rather compelling photos of that residential hotel on 7th Street.
If there are any spaces left, I would surely like to reserve two.
Randal Fleming

Kim said...

The January tour is sold out, but there may be future tours. Please sign up for the mailing list, in the upper right corner of this blog, to be kept informed of future 1947project happenings.

kuaptic. said...

I hope there will be future tours! This one sounds great! I hate to be one of those people, but I am also remembering the Black Dahlia this week on my blog,