Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Hun in Hollywood

January 5, 1947

The Nazis were afoot tonight, making yet another assault on the walls of the Temple Beth El synagogue at 1508 N. Wilton Place. Alert Hun-hunters will recall that the edifice was streaked with oil in a 1937 incident, and defaced with swastikas and graffiti reading "Heil Hitler" and "Viva Il Duce" the following year.

The modern anti-Semite works quicker, and in potentially more deadly fashion. Witnesses told investigating officers that a man pulled his car in front of the Temple and fired 14 rifle shots into the front door, then sped off. Bullets were later recovered from the back wall of the building.

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“The majority of Americans belong to one minority group or another,” said Dr. Will Durant, author and lecturer, yesterday in outlining the scope of the Declaration of Independence, Inc., in promoting inter-racial appreciation and in describing the theme of the organization’s banquet next Friday at the Ambassador.

“That theme,” he added, “will be education, particularly the education of children. It is felt that little can be done to change the nature of adults while children can be taught that co-operation is the basis of civilization’s growth.”

Two Negro Slayers Doomed to Chair

JACKSON (Miss.) Jan. 4 (U.P.) Two 15-year-old Negro boys, scheduled to be electrocuted Jan. 17 for the murder of a white man, today lost their appeal for clemency before Gov. Fielding L. Wright, who had visited their prison cells for a personal interview.

Wright ordered their executions to go ahead as scheduled. He did, however, agree to receive Mrs. Blanche Meiers of Oakland, en route here to plead for the boys’ lives as her “one last good deed” before she dies. She is suffering from an incurable disease.

Quote of the day: “Admiral Cornplaster is out in the air frozen. You see, he has suction cups on his hands and feet and he climbed on this space twister that was threatening the world and cut the space twister in two by using his disintegrator ray gun. He still was hanging on with his suction cups but he got swept away into the air.”

Dominie Kazutokoff, age 9, of Sherman Oaks after she and her sister Sandra, 6, were rewarded for being good girls with a trip to The Times’ library so they could read back copies of “Buck Rogers” in the Sunday comics. The Cornplaster episode appeared in “Buck Rogers” on June 23, 1946.