Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Woman's Home Is A Dentist's Castle

January 24, 1947
West Hollywood

Two days after Eviction Day at the fabulous Mount Kalmia Castle, fancy flophouse at 8311 Sunset Blvd., the 38 hapless lodgers of ex-Follies star "Queen" Patricia Noblesse Hogan continue to hustle for new homes. Back in February, the grand, turreted residence overlooking the Sunset Strip was sold to dentist Manuel H. Haig at auction for $83,000, but Her Majesty had nimbly ignored every order to quit the premises.

Until four days ago, that is, when the Sheriff arrived with a twelve-hour notice to vacate, which was the first any of the tenants--from the $300 a month suite men to the gals who shared the basement barracks for $85/per--heard about the sale. 29 hours after the deadline, moving vans still crawled up and down the hill like ants, bearing away segments of the Queen's $300,000 trousseau, while the tenants sat glumly on hastily-packed trunks awaiting taxi cabs to who-knew-where. And on the driveway, Tootsie Berry, Hogan's daughter, tried to calm her boxers Major and Colonel. Tootsie wasn't worried; the Queen would always land on her feet.

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Larry said...

Savant seeks key to
mental telepathy in
radar, light waves

PORTLAND, Ore, Jan. 24—(U.P.) An electrical engineer said today he thought the answer to mental telepathy might be found in the unexplored frequency band between ultra-short radar waves and the longest waves of light.

Dr. Phillips Thomas, for 35 years a research engineer with the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., said he was so thoroughly convinced that the answers would be found that he plans to devote his own time to the research.

“You may think I’m crazy,” Dr. Thomas said, “but I intend to devote my time to research in this field when I retire in two years. We can’t conceive scientifically how this could come about, but neither can we explain the apparent success of “mind readers.”

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Another story from the Daily News showing once again the incredible diversity offered by four major daily newspapers.

Quote of the day: “Horns should be used only as a warning.”
Assemblyman Howard Cramer (R-Chula Vista), introducing a bill that would impose a $200 fine for motorists who abuse their horns.