Friday, April 15, 2005

Brawl Aboard Airliner Results in Jail Term

April 15, 1947
Las Vegas

William E. Barrett, 33, and Franklin T. Murphy, 32, were in high spirits Monday afternoon, when they boarded a Western Air Lines flight bound for Las Vegas at Los Angeles Airport. Those spirits only rose as the pair began imbibing from an open liquor bottle, in violation of WAL and Civil Aeronautics Board regulations.

The men became rambunctious, and other passengers joined in the fray, some in panic, others in amusement. The fracas was ended by the intervention of off-duty Los Angeles Police Sgt. E. A. Duarte, who presented the men to local authorities when the four-engine plane landed, ten minutes late due to the commotion.

In Justice of the Peace Harvey McDonald's court today, Barrett (of 1123 Pine St., Pasadena) pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in the Las Vegas jail, the maximum possible penalty. McDonald stated that he wished he could make the sentence longer. Murphy, of Oklahoma City, denied guilt, and will stand trial tomorrow on a charge of misconduct in a public conveyance.

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