Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hundreds Fathered by G.I.s

April 5, 1947
Frankfurt, Germany

According to Mrs. Jean McCool of the newly-incorporated American charity Orphans, Inc., 450 abandoned babies are living in terrible conditions in local orphanages where there is little or no milk, food, medicines, linens or clothes for the infants. More than half of the foundlings are the illegitimate children of American servicemen.


Barbara said...

Our Mother, Mrs Jean McCool took us with her to an orphanage run by Nuns in Frankfurt AMain to deliver food & meds from St Cecilia Nuns in San Antonio, Tx, in response to her having seen babies swaddled in rags, a building riddled w/broken windows during the coldest winter in Europe in 100 years. The bitter cold, the starving children prompted Mom to found Orphans, Inc. One delivery was a blessing the Nuns said, "...the skin cream for the dry skin of the babies." Mom asked to see the cream - she knew no skin cream had been sent. It was mayonnaise. Her children have always been proud of our Mom for seeing a need and so lovingly filling it. Community activism applied globally at its finest!
We would very much like to know where this information came from, so out of the blue!
Barbara McCool Kaufman
MaryCarroll McCool Eisenmenger

Kim said...

Many thanks for this fascinating personal recollection. All of the stories on the 1947project are inspired by vintage newspaper stories, mainly from the Los Angeles Times. We're glad you found us. Your mother was a heroine, and hers is one of the more uplifting stories on our mainly true crime-themed blog.