Monday, April 11, 2005

Just 'Duck Soup' For Vegetarian To Land In City Jail

11 April 1947
Lincoln Heights

A wayward vegetarian today ensured himself a more traditional diet after Radio Officers B. Gonzales and C.A. Boughton responded to the sound of gunfire at Lincoln Park. There they discovered Trinidad C. Quroz, 29, of 338 Clarence St. and his trusty .22 rifle, both some way out into the lake. Called to shore, Quroz reported that he had become tired of his vegetarian diet and, craving duck, had shot the specimen that floated, yonder. Taken into custody on suspicion of illegally discharging a firearm, Quroz pled guily before Municipal Judge Louis W. Kaufman and was sentenced to a 20-day culinary tour of the City Jail.

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