Friday, April 08, 2005

Crowd Perils Attack Prisoner

April 8, 1947
Los Angeles

Robert Ahlberg, 21, late of Denver, was happy to see police officers M. C. Jacobsen and L.O. Sheets early today, even as they handcuffed him.

Alerted by his victim's cries, two students in a nearby hotel saw Ahlberg attacking a 46-year-old woman in City Library Park (Fifth and Hope Streets) and dragging her 75 feet into the bushes. A crowd several dozen stong gathered at the scene, but did not rescue the woman, telling arriving officers they were afraid her attacker might have a gun.

Officers Jacobsen and Sheets dragged Ahlberg from the bushes, divesting him of a knife with which he had threatened his victim. At this point, the crowd became brave, and cried out "Let us have him!"

Ahlberg was booked into Central Jail, where he gave his local address as 621 1/2 W. Sixth Street, just a short stroll from the assault scene.

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