Monday, September 12, 2005

1947project's Kim & Nathan on the BBC tonight

  • RAVIN' NATHAN ALERT: Hear the Podcast of the 1947project radio feature by Chris Vallance for BBC5

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    You can tune into BBC 5's bogging and podcasting show Up All Night this evening at 6:50PM PST to hear an audio tour of downtown Los Angeles that your cranky bloggers recently gave to visiting London journalist Chris Vallance. You can listen live here, or download for later podcasting from the station's archive here.

    Chris got a ton of our blathering on tape, so I can't even tell you what topics will be covered, but Nathan was raving quite charmingly 90% of the time, so I reckon you will hear raving. Please check it out, and put any comments on the show in this post.

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