Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Meet Judy Jingle, a real ding-a-ling

September 21, 1947
Los Angeles

Judy Beltramo, aged 2 1/2, nibbled the tiny sleigh bell off of her charm bracelet this morning in the family manse at 3744 Cherrywood Ave. Her parents didn't notice until the tyke alerted them to her transgression. Then it was off to Georgia Street Receiving Hospital, where the doctor placed his stethoscope on Judy's throat and perceived the presense of the bell. But don't worry that Judy will be jingling evermore: she's been sent to Childrens Hospital, where they have special tools for removing things from throats.

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Larry said...


Los Angeles had more burglaries and breaking-and-entering cases than any other of the 93 largest American cities in the first six months of 1947 when crime in most urban areas declined below 1946 levels, according to statistics released yesterday by the Department of Justice.

Burglaries and breaking-and-entering cases in the period totaled 6,198 in Los Angeles, 4,771 in Chicago and 4,630 in Detroit, the report showed. Los Angeles also was far ahead of other major cities in the number of larcenies of $50 or more, reporting 6,768 as compared with Chicago’s 3,221.

City High in Crime

The compilation of offenses known to police, although not including comparative figures for 1946, put this city near the top in every major crime category.

Top officials of the Los Angeles Police Department could not be reached immediately for comment on the report last night.

The Justice Department’s semiannual uniform crime report disclosed a 7.5% increase in crime in rural areas and a 2.3% drop in 2,085 cities. Burglary, larceny and criminal assault increased in both urban and rural areas, with murder and automobile thefts declining in each category. Urban sections’ offenses totaled 501,242 for the six-month period, a decline of 11,583 under the first six months of last year.

The report also placed Los Angeles third in murders and aggravated assault cases and second in robberies and automobile thefts. Figures for offenses other than burglaries and breaking-and-entering and larcenies of $50 or more were:

--Murder, New York 168; Chicago, 95, Los Angeles, 63

--Robberies, Chicago, 2,183; Los Angeles, 2,161

--Aggravated assault, New York, 1,534; Detroit, 1,450; Los Angeles, 1,087

--Auto theft, New York, 5,521; Los Angeles, 3,572