Saturday, September 03, 2005

Family Food Costs Double Since 1942

September 3, 1947
United States

Based on three polls conducted over the past five years by Princeton, N.J. based American Institute of Public Opinion, non-farm families are spending nearly twice as much on their weekly food budgets as they were in 1942 (national median has risen from $11 to $21). However, professional and business class families are spending more than both white collar and manual laboring ones ($24 versus $20), suggesting that some of that increase is by choice, not necessity.

Hmm, honey, how about we send the kids to the movies, you grill a couple steaks and I'll mix up a pitcher of mai tais...?

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Larry said...

Flee India
Death Peril

Moslems Threaten
Other Europeans;
U.S. Chief Target

LAHORE (Pakistan) Sept. 3 (Delayed) (U.P.)—Anti-American sentiment rose dangerously in this capital of Moslem India today and American businessmen started to evacuate their families in fear that the hatred vented on Sikhs and Hindus may be turned upon them.

Moslems are making open threats of violence to force Americans to get out. They are making similar threats against Britons and Europeans, but Americans are the chief targets.

“Now we have cleaned out the Hindus we are going to clean out the Americans,” a minor Pakistan official told George Parker, Nahant, Mass., of the Goodyear Rubber Co.

“We are sick and tired of you living in luxury while millions of Moslems suffer.

“If you do not leave we will kill you, too.”

Repeated Affronts

Pakistan youths waylaid a group of American correspondents last night and threatened to beat them up for “insulting the government.” Fast talking by the correspondents averted what might have been a bad situation.

Several American businesses are completing arrangements to move out on a moment’s notice and have informed their headquarters to expect a gloomy business outlook even if the Sikh and Hindu staffs—which have fled or been killed—are replaced by Moslems.

Generally, through Pakistan as well as this city, there has been decreasing respect for foreigners. There have been repeated minor insults and other affronts against Americans. Taken singly they are insignificant. Taken collectively they are assuming importance.

So far there has been no demand by Americans for mass evacuation by the American Embassy. The Lahore Consulate is watching the situation.