Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh, Mother!

September 9, 1947
Santa Monica

Three cars full of cops hid on the dark highway just outside of town, waiting for the trio who'd robbed a Ventura cafe of $26 earlier in the evening. Around midnight, the fly was snagged in one of the lawmens' webs.

Pulled from the car was 14-year-old Mrs. Beverly Lynch, blonde-haired mother of a 2-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son, all residing at 723 1/2 W. 8th Street. Also her husband Robert David, 19, and their 20-year-old accomplice Leroy Ulrey, Jr. of 806 S. Westlake Ave.

It's believed that in this as in four previous robberies in the Los Angeles area, the Lynches stayed in the car while Ulrey went inside and held up victims with a .22 caliber revolver. Wonder how much of the loot went to pay the babysitter?

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Larry said...

In New Delhi, unimaginable carnage. “I counted the bodies of at least 30 Moslems, men, women and children, who were chopped up like beef by bearded Sikhs at the main New Delhi railroad station as they were about to leave for the safety of Lahore in the Moslem Pakistan area of the Punjab,” says James Michaels of United Press.

In Hamburg, British troops force thousands of Jews from Exodus 1947 to disembark in Hamburg, Germany. “Many of the Jews, frustrated in their dream of celebrating the Jewish high holy days a week hence in Palestine, began to wail. They shouted against “Hitlerism” and being returned to “this land which is a bloody graveyard of millions of Jews,” according to Associated Press.

And in Los Angeles, food columnist Marian Manners advises women to use more salt in their cooking—in steaks, chops, hamburgers, fish, chicken and other meat, vegetables, cereals, pie crusts, cakes and cookies. A teaspoon of salt per two cups of flour is just right.

“A little salt added to dry coffee before brewing does for the beverage what salt does for soup,” Marian Manners says.

For the male Angelenos, it’s the official end of straw hat season, which began in May. The snap-brim with the pinch front, the sailor types, the leghorns and Milans from Italy, bakus and shantungs from the Philippines, the Panama braids—panacools, pannaires and cool weaves are over.

Felt Hat Week ushers in an assortment of grays, browns, blues and greens. The pinch-front is the fashion leader, but porkpie and Tyrolean chapeaux are popular with college men and young executives.

Prices range from $8 to $10 ($75.71-$94.64 USD 2005), but not to worry, gents. They’ll be half-price in December at J.W. Robinson’s.