Friday, November 04, 2005

Typically it's the bride who provides the trousseau

November 4, 1947

Newlyweds Beverly Lou, 19, and Alvin Ray Turnmire, 21, were in custody today after Alvin got popped leaving a cafe at Screenland and Magnolia. Alvin said he was out looking for his lost dog, but officers found Beverly Lou napping a few blocks away in the family car, with Mike the dog keeping watch. In the glovebox, a .45.

A search of Beverly Lou's parents' house at 4232 Goodland Ave., Studio City, where the youngsters had been living since their marriage two months ago, revealed the spoils of half a dozen burglaries stashed in the garage: pretty much everything a couple of kids would need to start life in their own apartment.

Alvin, a plasterer and ex-Marine, confessed that he had stolen household goods from furniture stores, cafes and a model home, but insisted Beverly Lou believed he'd bought the items. Most of the loot was brought home by car, but for the fridge, enterprising Alvin used a trailer.

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Larry said...

Co-eds in East Los Angeles
Establish Reign on Campus

Just as if they don’t have control of things ALL the time, co-eds at East Los Angeles Junior College now are observing Women’s Week.

It started yesterday with the gals asserting their superiority over male students by getting dressed in their finest and then frustrating the men (they thought) by not speaking. Any co-ed who was caught noticing or speaking to a bloke of the opposite sex was in for punishment.

Today will be “uniform day,” during which the girls will continue their aloofness, this time by wearing unglamorous get-ups of lengthy black skirts, white blouses, severe hair-dos and no make-up. Tomorrow they’ll go sloppy in Levi’s and plaid shirts and Thursday they’ll revert to childhood in ruffled dresses, pigtails and curls and carry dolls.

Because the men are supposed to be practically dead from anguish by Friday, that will be “slave day,” when the gals will do a quick switch by carrying the boys’ books, buying the Cokes and taking them to a dance that night.

+ + +

Although it isn’t mentioned, this sounds like a riff on “Sadie Hawkins Day,” founded by “Li’l Abner” cartoonist Al Capp, who has been featuring the holiday for the last month. For the 1947 story line, the residents of Dogpatch discovered a woman who had been thawed out of the local glacier. As the oldest unmarried woman, the plot turned on finding her a mate. Will Daisy Mae lose Li’l Abner to her Scandinavian rival, who warns: “By Thor—because ay bane oldest bachelor girl, ay bane got right to wait here at ‘Bachelor’s Bottleneck’ during race and grab any big yerk I like, by yimminy!!”

Quote of the Day: “T’morry thar will arrive in Dogpatch th’ one thing in creation thet kin stop a bachelor in full flight—STUPEFYIN’ JONES!!”
Available Jones, in “Li’l Abner.”