Sunday, November 13, 2005

What Folks Did Before Maytag

November 13, 1947
Los Angeles

17-year-old Ray Luedeman was cleaning rags in a pan of gasoline on the back porch of his home at 1877 W. 38th Street when the automatic gas heater beside him clicked on. Suddenly realizing the danger of the gas igniting, he scooped up the pan, sending gas flying all over the heater and his clothing. He's in Georgia Street Receiving Hospital being treated for serious burns.

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Larry said...

Five Killed
in Raid on
Jewish School

JERUSALEM, Nov. 12 (AP)—British troops and police killed five young Jews, three of them girls, in a raid on what officials said was a school operated by the Jewish underground to train teenagers of both sexes in the use of “a variety of weapons.”

The raid, carried out by a force of 1,000 to 1,500 British troops with armored cars seeking hidden arms in the rich orange grove region on the Palestine coastal plain, occurred at Shunath Maccabi, 10 miles north of Tel Aviv. Two of the dead girls were described as 16 years old. The other was reported to be 18.

At approximately the same time, in Haifa, three Jewish gunmen entered an upstairs transport office, threatened workers and, firing a machine gun from a window, killed a British police sergeant and wounded three other officers who were drinking coffee in a cafe across the street. The killers covered their flight with a flash bomb.

The British wounded dangerously a third Jewish youth in the raid at Shunath Maccabi and captured four others. The violence constituted the first serious outbreaks here since late September.

Eight Killed
in Holy Land

JERUSALEM, Nov. 13 (AP)—A wave of violence flashed across the Holy Land tonight and unofficial accounts of gun and bomb attacks in Jerusalem and Haifa placed the number of dead at eight and the wounded at 20.

Four British soldiers are believed to have been killed and 22 others wounded when a bomb exploded in a downtown Jerusalem cafe. One British policeman was killed by gunfire and another was wounded when they went to investigate the blast.

Three British men, dressed as civilians but believed to have been police, were killed in front of a Haifa motion-picture theater when a band of gunmen fired at them from a moving taxicab. Another Briton was wounded in the assault.

Officials expressed belief the underground Stern gang was retaliating for the raid yesterday on an arms cache in which five young Jews, three of them girls, were killed by British troops.

Quote of the day: “I don’t know why you waited so long.”
Judge Henry M. Willis, in the case of Clarence Charles Messer, seeking a divorce 25 years after putting his new bride, Soldedad “Sally” Yorba on the bus to San Juan Capistrano—never to see her again.