Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jack Scher, Won't You Please Come Home?

June 19, 1947

Frustrated by her husband’s refusal to return to their home, Mrs. Jack Scher had an inspired brainstorm—she’d print up some handbills pleading her case, and hire a couple of strapping lads to distribute them in front of Scher’s fruit stand at 170 S. Marengo.

Were you among Scher’s customers or passersby today, you might have been handed a paper which read: “Mrs. Jack Scher would like her husband, Mr. Jack Scher, of the fruit and vegetable department of the Wonder Shipping Center, to come home to his wife and child.”

The scheme backfired when Scher became incensed, and shot at one of the youths with his .22, nicking the clothing of John Brangard, 127 N. Mentor Ave. His roommate Elrod Swanson was then swatted on his shoulder with Scher’s rifle stock. Pasadena police arrived and booked Scher, 43, for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon, but a sympathetic judge freed the man. Officers hope to get a complaint.

Mrs. Scher reports that it’s now ten days since she and their ten-year-old son were abandoned at their home, 3453 Milton St., East Pasadena.

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Larry said...

Good evening, Mr. Siegel, welcome to Jack’s-at-the-beach. I’ll be your waiter tonight. Would you like to start off with a drink? Here’s a complimentary copy of the Los Angeles Times you can look over while you wait for your meal.