Monday, June 27, 2005

Poison Kills Girl; Fiance May Live

June 27, 1947

Distraught over her pending separation from fiance Billy Allen, 19-year-old Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, Pearl L. Reid, 16, drank poison today at her home at 2653 Loosmore Street. She died. When Billy saw what she had done he too quaffed the deadly draught, and lies in serious condition in Long Beach's Naval Hospital. His doctors are optimistic for his survival, at least from the immediate threat.

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Larry said...

By the Way

AUTHOR—A young California
author of growing renown is
Ray Bradbury, whose book of
short stories, “Dark Carnival,”
has just been published. He
won an O. Henry memorial
award this year for “Homecom-
ing” and was also chosen a year
ago as the author of one of the
best American short stories of

In the past three years
his stuff has appeared in Har-
per’s, Collier’s, Charm, Made-
moiselle and the American
Mercury, and several of these
are contained in his new book.

And, for those who decide to
cut their throats if their first
manuscript doesn’t make the
Book of the Month Club, a lot
of us can remember buying
newspapers from Ray on the
corner of Olympic and Norton
when he was just starting half
a dozen years ago. He worked
his way to success.

+ + +

I’ll be putting that little landmark on my tour of the Black Dahlia crime scene, which is about three miles away. Bradbury’s first book got a press run of about 3,000 copies and sells for $1,000 to $4,000 and up.