Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Liquor Hours Change

June 29, 1947
Great State of California

5-4-3-2... just one more day to go until the state's liquor licensing laws roll back to their pre-war state. Yep, it's nearly 6 months after the end of hostilities, and despite several vain attempts by legislators to retain the time restrictions, from midnight tomorrow, bars and package stores may sell joy juice between 6 a.m. and 2 a.m., a welcome change from the 10 a.m. to midnight hours of wartime. So let's have a toast!

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Larry said...


JERUSALEM, June 28. (U.P.)—Jewish extremists, believed to be members of the Stern gang retaliating for the abduction of one of their followers by a Palestine police officer, tonight shot and killed two British solders and wounded five others, four seriously.

It was the first violent outbreak since the arrival in the Holy Land of the United Nations special committee on Palestine.

Continuing their open defiance of the moderate organization Haganah, which had warned extremist groups that their actions might prejudice the committee in its investigation, the undergrounders struck twice—once in Haifa and once in the all-Jewish city of Tel Aviv.

Patrols Range Streets

Military authorities moved swiftly following the incidents, imposing prearranged security measures in both cities and in Jerusalem as well. Armored cars and foot patrols ranged through streets of three cities, checking credentials and raiding suspected underground hideouts.

The streets of modern Tel Aviv were crowded with strollers enjoying the peaceful postsabbath atmosphere when the undergrounders attacked.

The official account of the incident said a group of masked extremists, hidden in a dark alley, opened fire on the passing soldiers, killing two and seriously wounding two others. An eyewitness, however, reported the extremists were seated in a black sedan in which they made their escape.

The two soldiers killed here tonight were the 14th and 15th Britons to die at the hands of the extremists since the first of the year.


JERUSALEM, June 29 (U.P.)—Jewish extremists shot down six more British soldiers today, five of them while they were sunbathing and swimming in the Mediterranean near the Jewish colony of Herzliya, 10 miles north of Haifa. The sixth man was shot as he walked down a street in the center of Haifa.

Apparently the extremists had opened a shooting war on the British despite the presence of the U.N. Commission in Palestine.

Four Soldiers Dead

In the two attacks last night in Tel Aviv and Haifa, extremists killed two British soldiers and wounded five. Two of those wounded last night—one an officer and the other an enlisted man—died today, raising the death toll to four.

After the first attacks individual members of the United Nations Commission called the outbreaks an insult to the members and denounced them as gangsterism.

The Jewish underground Stern gang tonight claimed responsibility for the new violence in a statement charging that the Palestine government had violated the U.N. truce by firing on children posting Stern gang leaflets.

“Last Wednesday they kidnapped a girl caught posting our leaflets, took her to the banks of the River Yarkon and subjected her to maltreatment…” the Sternists charged. “We will not permit the government to enjoy a unilateral truce. We will reply to terror with terror.”

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