Monday, August 22, 2005

1947project interview at 8763 Wonderland

Our fellow Los Angeles blogger Rodger Jacobs was kind enough to ask Nathan and I a few questions about this project, and the results (be patient, it's now an link) are on his site 8763 Wonderland today. If you click over to read it, we recommend you stay a while and explore some of the contemporary local crime tales Rodger has to share. He'd become a magnet for them--even getting caught in the middle of a bank robber search in Glendale last week.

And because Rodger's blog and ours share a uniquely dark local bent, we've combined the syndicated feeds from 1947project and 8763 Wonderland into a joint feed called LA Noir. We welcome fellow dark Los Angeles bloggers to contact us and join the feed, but for now it's a time-travel true crime anthology, jumping from 1947 to 2005 and back with daily tales of greed, lust and shame.

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