Friday, March 03, 2006

The Case of the Divorcee in the Elevator

March 3, 1947
Los Angeles

Since 1944, Sarah Shirley Ruenker, 32, has suffered crippling claustrophobia, an ailment that today nearly kept her from filing for divorce against her machinist husband Carl. Accompanied by her attorney Barry Woodmansee, she bravely stepped into the tiny elevator at City Hall... then crumpled in tears and had to be carried out by Woodmansee and the operator. After quieting her, Woodmansee rode alone to the 19th floor, where he explained to Judge Paul Vallee the reason for Sarah's nonappearance. A sympathetic man, the judge agreed to hear the case on the ground floor of the Probate Courts Building, and granted the lady her divorce on grounds of non-support.

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Larry said...

‘Black Dahlia’
Quiz New ‘Witness’ in
Torso Murder

Homicide officers today were questioning a 27-year-old bartender who telephoned the police complaint board and declared:

“I killed Beth Short, the Black Dahlia. Meet me at 5639 Sunset Blvd.”

Met at this address, the man, Ray Little of 1603 W. Pico Blvd., denied saying he killed the black Dahlia, but he declared:

“I know who did kill her.”

Little said the slayer is a man living in Oklahoma. Later he changed history and said the slayer is living in California with a “motion picture actor.”

Little was book at Hollywood jail as a material witness.

Los Angeles Herald-Express