Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Whoooo whooooo!

March 1, 1947
Los Feliz

The long-awaited midget railroad in Griffith Park is nearing completion, and wee tykes citywide can scarcely hold their water as they anticipate the thrill of circling the figure-eight-shaped, half-mile track near the Riverside Drive side of the Park.

The new concession is work of Floyd Wells and Sam Bornstein, its $50,000 cost covered by the city in return for $150 monthly rent and 25% of the gross income. Mr. Bornstein is the proprietor of miniature railways in Cleveland, Kansas City and Toledo. The cost for a ride will be 14 cents for adults, 9 cents for kids.

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Larry said...

To cleanse the palate after blogging Donald H. Wolfe’s “The Black Dahlia Files,” I’m reading Simone de Beauvoir’s “America Day by Day,” which records her trip across America in 1947 and her impressions of Los Angeles.

“Los Angeles also stuns me. This city is unlike any other.”

Curiously, she doesn’t say anything about a Los Angeles Times interview, published Feb. 26, 1947, that calls her “the High Priestess of the French Existentialists.” She was staying at 411 S. Barrington Ave., with Natalie Moffat.

The Times says they sat on the porch, ate tangerines, sipped red wine and chatted about philosophy. Google Earth shows this to be: a parking lot for tennis courts.