Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wife Backs Up Mate She Says Fired At Her

July 7, 1947
Los Angeles

Who will ever understand the mind of a woman?

Nellie Robison was chased screaming from her home at 129 West Century Blvd. last night by husband Frank, 48-year-old welder. She was smart to run: Frank was firing .22-caliber bullets. Nellie found safety at a neighbor's house, and cops finally rousted her old man after firing tear gas canisters (and gassing themselves on the upwind). Once Frank was cuffed, Nellie ran out and embraced him, calling him "Honey Boy," and urging him to go along with the officers. Frank and his red-eyed captors adjourned to Georgia Street Receiving Hospital for eyewashes, and Frank was later booked at 77th Street Station on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

We'll assume his sweet Nellie will be waiting when, and if, he gets out.

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Larry said...

4000 Touring Cyclists
Wreak Havoc in Hollister

San Francisco Chronicle
The diminishing roar of the
last of 4000 departing motor-
cycles today ended the “worst
40 hours in Hollister’s his-

Police, who called outside
help yesterday to halt the
havoc of a “gypsy tour” of the
American Motorcycle Associa-
Tion, took a deep breath.

Nearly 100 persons were
jailed during the ruckus and
half as many injured, several
seriously. More than $2000
in fines and an undetermined
number of jail sentences were
assessed for drunkenness, dis-
turbing the peace and reck-
less driving.

San Benito St., main thor-
oughfare, was littered with
thousands of beer bottles and
other debris.

There was no available es-
timate of damage. At the
height of the pandemonium
the motorcyclists drove their
vehicles into bars and restau-
rants, tossed beer bottles out
of upper-floor windows, raced
through traffic signals and de-
fied the seven-man police

+ + +

“Hey, Johnny, what are you rebelling against?”

“What’ve you got?”